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As a line of business the watchmaker and jewellery trade in Finland is small but rich in tradition. The majority of the enterprises in the trade are very small. Although most of the enterprises employ only a few people the whole line of business along with manufacturing and wholesale employ about 3000 people. There are about 700 retailers in the trade. Their turnover is about 1,2 billion marks (200 MEUR).

The Finnish Goldsmith Association is an organization for goldsmiths established in 1905. Its aim is to raise the professional skills of its members and look after their professional, financial and social interests. In addition, the function of the association is to advance a good team spirit and a feeling of togetherness among its members.

Today the association is a widespread service and field organization in the precious metal items trade. Individual goldsmiths and silversmiths as well as enterprises which manufacture precious metals items and practise wholesale trade and retailing can be members of the association.

Consumers recognize a member enterprise of the association by the sign Eligius or Eläköön laatu. A shop with the sign Eligius is a safe and reliable place to do one's shopping, because only reputable goldsmiths and silversmiths or retailers are accepted as members of the association.

One central function of the association is information service for member. Six times a year the association publishes a member bulletin where they handle topical issues concerning the entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on entrepreneurial and tax laws as well as legislation concerning business. In addition, the association follows the general development of the trade in Finland.

The magazine of the association, Kello & Kulta - Watch & Gold - is a high-quality magazine that comes out six times a year. It concentrates more extensively on development, education and history concerning the trade.

Moreover, the association organizes further training, sells service products for members and gives legal advice. The association has organized, among other things, yearly diamond grading courses and a field seminar which concentrates on current special problems in the trade and entrepreneurship. The service products that are for sale include materials needed in retailing. It is possible to search for legal counselling from the lawyer of the association or get consultation from our partners.

Contact information

Unioninkatu 10 B 20
Suomi - Finland

Tel. +358 (0)10 281 2280
mob. +358 (0)40 7751085


Managing Director

Henrik Kihlman
Tel. +358 (0)10 281 2280
Mob. +358 (0)40 775 1085


Esko Hassinen
Tel. + 358 400 827528

KELLO & KULTA - magazine

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